Banan launches new frozen treats in Foodland

Honolulu, HI - Banán, the beloved Oahu-based brand that crafts delightful banana-based ice cream at its three retail locations in Waikiki (2) and Kaimuki, is excited to announce the launch of Chee Hoo, a line of chocolate-dipped frozen treats. In partnership with Foodland, Banán is proud to introduce their latest creation to grocery stores across Oahu, providing easy access to a deliciously fresh and healthy frozen treat.

Chee Hoo bars are crafted locally here on Oahu and feature a blend of clean, wholesome ingredients with no added sugar. At the heart of Chee Hoo's offerings lies the same banana-based ice cream that locals have come to love in Banán's soft-serve products. The products are available in 3 exciting flavors: Banana Bliss, Double Chocolate, and Roasted Coffee. Starting this week, Chee Hoo bars can exclusively be found in the frozen aisle of all 17 Foodland locations across Oahu.


“Over the years we have heard so many Banán customers say they absolutely love our product, but aren’t able to easily get to our retail shops on a regular basis. Chee Hoo is our solution for them. We are packaging up the same healthy ingredients and making it conveniently available at their local Foodland. We did endless culinary testing and are super proud of the product we’re putting on shelves. The early customer feedback we’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive,” says co-founder Matt Hong, who’s been anointed the title Chief Chee Hoo-er.

Matt continues on, “One of the tag lines we used on our packaging is "Kids think it's ice cream. Adults can't believe it isn't" because Chee Hoo bars really do have the same texture and deliciousness of a traditional ice cream bar, but we only use clean wholesome ingredients with none of the additives and other extras that are in mass-produced products. It's truly a healthy way to enjoy a tasty frozen treat.”

What sets Chee Hoo apart from other novelty “healthy treats” is that it actually tastes delicious. Foodland’s Director of Local Procurement, Lauren Moder, had this to say about Chee Hoo’s launch, “Here at Foodland, we are passionate about supporting local brands, so we’re thrilled to be the exclusive launch partner for Chee Hoo frozen treats. This collaboration is an amazing example of an outgrowth of the partnership we have with Mana Up to champion the development and scaling up of Hawaii-based brands.”

Treat yourself to a box of Chee Hoos the next time you visit your neighborhood Foodland.


About Banán: Banán, a Cohort 6 Mana Up company, was founded in 2015 in Honolulu by local entrepreneurs Matt Hong and Zak Barry. Banán has three locations - two in Waikiki and one in Kaimuki. Banán is leading a movement of connecting people to the story of their food with dreams of a Hawai’i that can feed itself. Banán hopes to be a part of this change through offering exciting tropical foods and flavors, while using the business as a vessel to not only support local agriculture but inspire its growth.

Distribution Details: Chee Hoo can now be found in the frozen section of all 17 Foodland and Foodland Farms locations across Oahu. For wholesale or catering inquiries, reach out to

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